/r/MK Community Survey March 2015 Results

Preferred Operating Systems

What operating systems run on /r/MK's computers? Let's find out! I will compare the results with Net Application's statistics of browser usage.

What is your preferred desktop operating system?

There recently has been a poll about desktop operating system usage, which actually got me started on doing a full user survey again. Where you could see similar results.

What's the most interesting to me here is the high preference for Linux having even more votes than Mac OS. Looking at the general statistic, Linux has a share of only 1.5% compared to the 16.5%!

Age of user base for each operating system in ascending order: Windows → Linux → Mac OS X. Mac OS being on the last place is plausible to me, since the respondents are rather young and Apple's hardware being more expensive compared to their competitors.

What is your preferred mobile operating system?

The mobile operating system statistic is dominated by Android, which also differs from the general usage share which lists Android and iOS with similar percentages (46% for the former and 42% for the latter). What's funny is, that people rather have no smartphone than Windows Phone. Even in general I don't see Microsoft gaining any mobile market share in the future even with Windows 10.

I think the competitive edge of Android over iOS is simply that it can be found in any part of the market, while the iPhone exists only in the higher price segment.