/r/MK Community Survey March 2015 Results

Group Buys and Classifieds

Many items are special made and/or have some MOQ. To save money the community comes together and organizes group buys.

Have you participated in a group buy before?

Where have you participated in a group buy before?

Many have participated in a Massdrop-lead group buys before, which is understandable since they regularly have many and often appealing deals, like the Poker II with MX Clears. The only problem for me are the high shipping costs to Europe.

What has been your experience with group buys so far?

Luckily for most people their group buys experience has been good. Unexpected/long delays are understandable considering some group buys take multiple years (like GH60, or Blank PBT Round 3)!

Have you ever bought keyboard-related things from community members?