/r/MK Community Survey March 2015 Results

Preferred Keyboard

Now it gets interesting: Which types of keyboards do people actually like.

What is your preferred base keyboard layout?

What is your preferred keyboard layout?

The vast majority uses QWERTY. Sad to see QWERTZ outpaced by Dvorak and even Colemak.

What is your preferred keyboard size?

Some things have changed since the March 2014 survey in terms of preferred keyboard sizes. Tenkeyless overtakes Full-size which shrank from 46% to 26.5%. The most impressive jump though has been made by the 60% size from 14% to almost 30%!

What type of backlighting do want on your keyboard?

Most people don't care for all the bling bling, which makes sense I guess since you don't need to look at your keyboard if you have a proper typing technique.

Which switch types do you like the most?

Note: Votes for Cherry switches include clone switches as well, important was the general switch characteristics (noise, force curve, etc.).

This time around Blue Switches could gain an edge over Brown switches, but the most interesting result to me are the Clear switches this time reaching a third place with big gap to the pursuing switch type. In fact, if you add all the votes for "Ergo" Clear switches, they even land on second place!

I really hope that Clear switches will be available on more keyboards and in higher quantities in the future. I personally prefer there tactile feeling of the Clears over most other switches.

Also interesting is the higher number of votes for "Ergo" Clear switches slightly edging out Black switches. Surprising, because you essentially have to desolder all of your switches from your keyboard in order to mod them to the Ergo variants.


As /u/zombimuncha correctly notes, I made respondents choose the corresponding Cherry switch even though they prefer a clone, but on the other hand had Matias and Alps switches separately on the list instead of "Clicky Alps" and "Tactile Alps" as options.

What is your preferred keyboard brand?

Ducky and Coolermaster are still in front. New is Vortex on third place being responsible for the Poker II (I guess, because I forgot to add a dedicated KBC option).


Unfortunately, this question had some major flaws

  • respondents had to decide for on brand and couldn't choose for multiple
  • no dedicated "No preference" option
  • forgot to add "KBC" for the Poker

What is your preferred stabiliser type?

Stabiliser. Meh.


All in all interesting changes since previous surveys.