/r/MK Community Survey March 2015 Results


Reddit survey Stolen from Reddit's blog

Between the 11th and 13th March 2015 a new community survey for /r/MechanicalKeyboards has been conducted by /u/wlhlm. Here are the results. Please enjoy.

Survey participation

Previous surveys in the wiki

Participation this time couldn't reach the record numbers of the March 2014 survey or even the numbers of the August 2014 survey. The only thing that has increased is the amount of questions, which I think is one of the reasons for the lower participation, as some people don't have the time to answer all the questions I guess (or probably because I asked dumb questions). 842 is still a high number and I think the generated data is still very interesting.

What is your gender?

The gender distribution is hugely male dominated with a ratio of 18:1, which is no surprise to me. At least it's better than Geekhack's gender distribution (30:1).

What is your age?

This subreddit attracts a very young audience.

Where do you live?

What is your profession?

A huge portion (almost three quarters) of the participants are students, which makes sense considering the young audience. Results are similar to previous surveys.

I wasn't able to find demographics for Reddit in general and so I couldn't compare them with this subreddit. If you have more information on that, please let me know!