/r/MK Community Survey March 2015 Results

Keyboard Collection

With mechanical keyboards for some being a hobby like many else, they start collecting and looking for the "holy grail". Let's see how the /r/MK community performs in keyboard collecting.

How many mechanical keyboard do you own?

Two thirds have more than one mechanical keyboard! Also more people with more than 10 keyboards then people with 6-9. If you have more than 5 keyboards you might as well keep going with your collection...

Fun fact: 40% of people with more than one mechanical keyboard plan on buying/building a new keyboard within the next month.

When did you use your fist mechanical keyboard?

What was your first mechanical keyboard?

I skip this question simply because it was a free form field and it would have cost me too much effort to count the votes.

How much money do you spend on average on a single keyboard?

This includes also includes modifications.

How much money in total have you spend on mechanical keyboards so far?

Some didn't want to estimate their total spendings on mechanical keyboards. This would at least explain the high number of votes for "$0". To be honest, I'm scared too of the amount of money I've put into keyboards.

One third has spend more than $300 on keyboards.

Fun fact: I only later added options for $1001-$2000 after someone complained that the limits would be too low after spending $1000 in one month alone.

Do you plan on buying/building a new mechanical keyboard within the next month?

How does your wallet feel?

I don't understand these results after many saying they would buy a new keyboard if there wallet wasn't empty in the previous question. In my perception, empty wallets feel sad rather than happy.


Very money. Such spending. Much keyboard.